Model A1199 / 2, 4, or 8 GB capacity

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Itunes cant recognized this iPod at the moment

Itunes displays this error message:

"Itunes cant recognized this ipod at the moment"


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Try using different usb ports. All usb ports carry 5 volts. Not all carry enough current to charge your battery. If that doesn't work try a different cord. If that doesn't work look for debris or bent pins in your charging port. Remove any debris if found. If you find bent pins there is a replacement here. The replacement part requires soldering.

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Left the ipod connected to itunes for some time and it installed "apple device" ! But still nothing showed up on itunes or my computer.

Btw does that connector fit 5th generation nano?

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If the battery doesn't have over 3 volts it might not show up. The connector will fit a 5th gen Nano, but you have to add a 68ohm resister to one of the pins. The pin out to the connector is here at the bottom of the page is what you need to know for the 5th gen nano.

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