Battery Failure with new battery MacBook Pro 2011

Hi! I just changed the battery and installed CoconutBattery.

I was in the middle of calibrating (at least, I think it was calibrating: it was the process of fully charging, then let it fully discharge, and charge it again). As soon as I unplugged the power, the charge jumped from 100% to 80% and Coconut shows Battery failure.

Did I got a faulty battery? Or is there something I could do like resetting SMC?

Block Image

Block Image

(I apologize for my bad English: it's not my native language and I guess I made a lot of awful mistakes :))

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And now it automatically powered on as soon as I plugged in the power. it is not normal, I guess?

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What was happening with the old battery? Would you now run Coconut with the mag-safe plugging in and post a photo of that.

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Unfortunately coconutbattery trial expired so I cannot see the advanced info anymore. The free version only shows me this

and this is the info in About this Mac (I don't know if it may be useful)

Btw I was using the Mac and it powered off at about 60% charge. Afterwards I tried to power it on but I couldn't get it past the apple logo. Is this normal? With my old battery, once it shut off because of the charge I couldn't even get it to seem to start.

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your latest update is when using the old battery or the new one?

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When using the old one

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Once in a while I get this issue with new batteries. Try at least 5 cycles of full charge and discharge and see whether the issue will go away.

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Thank you. I was beginning to think it would be better to put in the old battery, but I'll try to wait.

Also, it takes a lot to fully charged, compared to the old one.

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