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activation impossible after reset

my problem with my iphone 5S persists for 2 months. After a simple restoration to the State Factory, I find myself facing a blocked iphone impossible to activate either manually or with iTunes (a message related to a SIM card that appears).

I tried the Apple Support Tips on their site, and even put it in DFU mode and activate it from iTunes, but in vain :(

I have consulted two repairers who tell me that there is a problem motherboard and the other assumes that it is a Software problem !


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"a message related to a SIM card that appears" : Coud you be more specific with the error description ?

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( Disconnect iphone make sure that the sim card is well enclosed, and if you use a pin code of the sim; touch "unlock" to access and reconnect )

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There is one simple thing you can try before concluding it’s a hardware issue:

If you put the SIM card in a different phone, check whether it’s recognized, and remove the pin code from it. Then insert it into the iPhone and try to activate. In some rare cases the sim won’t ask to unlock, which blocks the activation. Removing the sim pin circumvents this.

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My sim card is without a PIN code, and i've tried even with other sim card but in vain; this message is always posted on the screen : "

Your Iphone could not be activated because the activation server is temporarily unavailable. Try connecting your iphone to itunes to activate it or try again in two minutes. If the problem persists, contact Apple Support at"

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