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A sanitary disposal device for human waste. No plumber necessary! Fixing a toilet is more straightforward than many people think.

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Porcelain toilet tank with hairline crack, how to mend it.

How to fix a hairline crack in toilet tank water closet

"Dear guys here, you know God is really trying (as in trial) me for whatever bad thing I did, whatever - hahahaha!

Tuesday morning (it is now Thursday morning April 19, 2018 as I write this message) I woke up and heard water dripping in the CR, so I investigated.

What the heck! The water closet set on top of the rear part of the toilet bowl has developed a hairline crack on the front side.

Why God chose me to meet this kind of a trial, He Himself only knows.

The hairline crack starts from the top edge and stops just short of 3 inches to the bottom of the tank.

I still had some leftover from a roll of Ace Mounting Tape with double side adhesive compound, used for sticking of light plastic wall clocks to walls.

I thought it was possible to just paste the remainder tape to cover the hairline crack.

So I drained and wiped up all the remaining water from out of the tank, and left it with the cover off for some eight hours, to dry out the interior.

And I applied the Ace tape on the hairline crack.

No, that did not seal up the hairline crack.

Next bright idea: I went to the neighborhood hardware and construction supply outlets to inquire about duct tape.

Yes, they have, only one kind and it is 3" x 25' long; but I don't need all that length.

Besides it does not seem to be water-proof either, though it has been praised to the sky for all kinds of even the most outlandish needs, like stopping bleeding from a fresh accidental cut on a leg.

So I read about elastomeric water-proofing paints, etc.

What do you guys know about any possibility and also genuinely lasting repair of this hairline crack?

Otherwise it is going to be replacement of the water closet and accompanying fixture, and that is a most burdensome task and loss of money - another trial from God.

Dear God: Please, don't take me for a Job, please!

What do you guys say, should I buy a small can of elastomeric water-proofing paint which is water soluble, and apply it to the hairline crack?

What is your knowledge and experience apropos this problem? "

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The common answer is to just replace it.

That is quite some defeatist attitude though, unworthy of us ifixit members here.

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@mdejess I am not a fan of the paints and have not had much luck with it. I found that the repair only ever lasted from a few days to a few weeks. I'd try a porcelain sealer (plumbing putty epoxy) if the crack is not to wide. It is commonly available in any decent hardware stores and not to expensive. Turn the water off, drain the tank and let it dry . Then apply the sealer as per instructions. If the crack is to wide then you will have to replace the tank anyway, so give it a try. Let us know how it works out.

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How about using this: Flex-Tape I see their ads on the TV all the time barking how great it is.

I would clean the inside of the tank with a good cleaner and make sure you've washed of all of the soap before applying the tape on the inside. You may also need to strap across the crack so it doesn't open up.

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Just to give a third option, which is very much like the two above.

Empty the cistern, clean thoroughly around the crack and allow to dry. When dry, lightly sand the crack on both sides using 600 grit sandpaper to roughen the edges so that the sealant will adhere better.

Clean thoroughly after sanding to remove dust etc, then apply this as per instructions on the pack. Overfill the area so that it can be sanded back. Repeat if necessary.

Lightly sand, using 800 Wet and Dry, for a smooth finish on the outside of the cistern.

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LIQUID NAILS Construction Adhesive: Fuze*It, 9 fl oz, Cartridge, Gray

Item 444D87Mfr. Model LN-2000

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The way I see it the solution consists in making the toilet tank resistant to leakage notwithstanding the hairline crack in the porcelain tank.

Here are two ways of making the crack no longer viable for water to leak through:

1. Seal up the crack all along the whole length of the crack line with fail-proof sealant.

2. Seal up the whole interior space of the tank, so that the crack becomes irrelevant as the exit line of water from the interior space of the tank.

No. 1 solution therefore demands a fail-proof sealant: wherefore what have man’s science, technology, and engineering in re sealants have to offer today?

Paging, paging scientists, technologists, and engineers: what does the sealant community of mankind today have to offer in re fail-proof sealants - to stop leakage from the hairline crack of a porcelain toilet tank?

No. 2 solution demands that the home diy repair person of the home obtain a plastic bag that is long-lasting of indefinite duration in time, to cover up the whole interior space of the toilet tank, with the bottom end of the bag resting on the bottom of the tank.

There are I notice four holes on the bottom of the toilet tank: three small holes and one big hole:

(a) The center big hole for the water to exit from the tank to pass to the toilet bowl and draw all the waste matters downward all the way to outside one’s home.

(b) Two smaller holes between the center big hole for bolts to attach the tank to the rear portion of the toilet bowl, so that the tank is securely resting on top of the toilet bowl.

(c) The side hole for the entrance of the water line from outside the tank to the interior space of the tank.

The home diy repair person must therefore cut out from the bottom of the plastic bags these four holes which must align perfectly with the corresponding four holes on the bottom of the tank; at this point the repair man or woman can already return all the parts which were un-attached from the tank’s bottom for the repair operation to take place.

Solution No. 2 is the most simple but requires patience and precision action from the home diy operator.

And solution No. 2 is the most economical in term of money, but it takes a great deal of patience and precision workmanship from the diy home repair person.

Of course if money is no concern to the homeowner because he has got plenty of it, then he just have to call up outside experts to replace the whole toilet bowl and tank assembly, to solve his problem of a leaking toilet tank in his home.

But that means for the homeowner diy repair person, no joy of succeeding in the challenge to fix a leaking toilet tank without having to spend substantial money on it.

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@mdejess I am a bit confused by this answer. you are asking a question to get some advice from us, then you go ahead and answer it in such detail that it appears as if you were really not looking for an answer....Would you like to shed some light on this to clarify what you are up to? Right now my suspicion is pretty high that the palace guard in Hamlet was right "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark".....

Thanks a lot for your answers.

I am also answering my own question.

You see I live alone, so I don't mind having to just flush the toilet with a bucket of water everytime I use it - while in the meantime I am still doing research on what the scientists and technologists and engineers of porcelain toilet tanks have to offer, in the market to date.

So, please forgive me if you feel annoyance with me also answering my own question.

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How old is this thing ? Its been handling your nasty-chemical-water for how long ?

Plus, I don't believe this is a Godly issue. Father-time makes all the plumbing decisions.

Forget any kind if slimey-paint or gummy-tape or souper-glue.

J-B Weld would be my choice. But only if you clean the crack with a emery stone.

Follow the dry-the-tank instructions. While it is air-drying, remove it, and go buy a new complete toilet.

Most big home stores (like Home Depot) will allow returns on a complete toilet. That is Not always true for 'repair parts'.

BTW: A complete toilet can be had for le$$ than a replacement tank.

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You came to the right place !!!!

Web search for- "Bill Gates is backing the waterless toilet of the future"

( That will probably lead to YouTube.)

You will be very interested, as this is the latest answer to that age-less appliance.

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