Start & Clear buttons don't work, turns on if Con.2 plug is pulled out

I have an old GE Microwave Spacemaker XL model JVM1339ww002. I was able to repair the number #1 key by removing the ribbon, cleaning the end, and reattaching it to the control board.

When I reassembled the microwave, I created a new problem, now the Start and Clear buttons do not work, but everything else does. It heats and cooks food. I know this because pressing a shortcut to cook, for example pressing #2, will result in the microwave starting, cooking 2 minutes, heating food, and stopping.

It's odd that I figured this out, but if the Con.2 plug is pulled out of the control board, the microwave turns on WITHOUT pressing start (even if there's no cook time entered on the display). The Con.2 plug has 2 orange wires leading to the "Door Sense Switch (Top)." This only happens if the door is closed. Also, the light comes on when I open the door and turns off when I close it, so I don't think the door sense switch has gone bad.

Does anyone know how to fix the Start & Clear buttons....or what is wrong?

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