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iTunes restore error 4013

I have no idea of the history of this iPhone.

It does look to have been dropped quite a bit though. Before I attempted to restore the phone it was in a bootloop.

I have tried 3 cables.

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You're probably looking at motherboard damage.

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Can you be a bit more specific? What chips/regions of the board? Is there a possibility that it can be a other component not on the board?

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Unfortunately the error code 4013 is normally a board level issue. The problem is with 4013 it could be a number of things on the motherboard. I'd maybe try using a genuine Apple lightning cable to see if that could fix the issue. Best of luck!

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Did it happen recently after a screen replacement?

If yes, then the chances are the issue is caused by long screw damage on the board which means broken wire traces that need to be fixed via micro-soldering.

The two screw holes to worry about are the ones below the screen connector, generally the bottom left one tends to get long screw damage more so compared to the bottom right one.

To check for long screw damage you would need to use a microscope on the screw hole to see if you can see copper / wire traces exposed in the screw hole.

Also 4013 can be caused by a faulty or need to be reprogrammed NAND flash memory chip which is a pretty expensive repair if you don't have the tool to reprogram it, in this case I would personally get another phone.

Here is a picture of what long screw damage would look like with the screw hole removed from the logic board:

Block Image

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Ill just replace the board. Have a few extra :)

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