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I got sold an iPhone X and two weeks later it’s blacklisted but

I got sold a clean IMEI iPhone X and now I suspect it got cleaned by a service and two weeks later it’s blacklisted but if I switch chips with another phone of the same company I can use it fully why is that ? I’m pressing charges I have the persons identity phone number and home adress , test messages and phone call recordings

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Probably what happened is that the original owner stopped paying the bill on it. So, it was blacklisted for non-payment.

The only way around that is for (a) the original owner to pay the bill, (b) a swap of the logicboard for one that is not blacklisted or (c) a new phone.

Alternatively, it can be sold off to someone outside the US who does not plan to travel here.

In the future, if there is some way, check the financial responsibility of a device before purchasing.

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Next phone, use imei.info, swappa.com or similar service to check the IMEI.

The phone can either be reported stolen or not paid off to be blacklisted.

There is no easy way to unblacklist the phone.

If you can find someone with the tools, it may be possible to reprogram the IMEI, but that is costly.

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For future reference a checkmend report shows if a phone is owned by a service provider. (I think)

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