New logic board and ribbon connector required

I've got an old Samsung Plasma Tv PS51E550D1M.

It wasn't that big of an issue but it had a few vertical lines in the centre and a cluster on the right side of the screen.

I thought it would be worthwhile to open it up and clean a few of the ribbon connectors. Unfortunately in the process, while disconnecting the ribbon connectors on the logic board and playing trial and error, I ended smelling something burn and noticed that a ribbon had torn.

This caused me to have 2 thick 3-4cm vertical lines of green and blue appear on the screen in addition to the previous vertical lines.

I'm now going through and weighing my options in buying spare parts. I'm thinking about getting a new logic board on ebay for $60 AUD but i've found that the board is slightly different.

Everything looks about the same but there are minor difference. the number below the bar code reads WL 866A A1 22D 01Z - AA1 on the one i'm looking at on ebay

Block Image

while mine reads TL 866A A3 29E 16A - AA3

Block Image


They're very similar in looks, just concerned whether it would still work? Are logic boards a part that needs to be exact or is there a bit of leeway in terms of compatibility? Is there a place where i'll be able to find replacement ribbons?

Block Image

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Given that the only similarity between the numbers on the barcode is '886A' and nothing else, there is a fair chance that it will not be compatible with your TV.

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The model number,PCB and PBA number are identical if that has any weighting. You can't make it out in the images though. The REV number is different though, R1.6 and R1.5

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