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The Kenmore Elite HE3 is a washing machine by Kenmore.

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Wash load still wet-washer not draining and spinning properly.

The door to the washer was unlocked, but the load was still dripping wet. I hit the drain/spin button to spin it out again, but I got the Sud error code. I couldn't get it to clear until I unplugged the machine and plugged it back in. I tried the drain/spin button again and when the spin light came on, all that it did was fill with a little water (I could see it through the window) and make a noise. It did not spin.

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What's the code number?

mine shows as F25

We have a kenmore front load washing machine (model 110.47532601). Recently we saw an F 21 error code and we checked all the drain pipes and the filter for clogs. we didnt find anything. We tried the Rinse/Drain and spin cycle without the 2nd rinse and it works fine and it drains out all the water and dries up. But If we try to run any other cycle then it still gives us the F 21 error code. Can someone help in this matter?


My kenmore front loading washer is not giving any error messages, it runs till it says 1 min, then stays there for hours. The drum seems to move and it sounds like it's trying to drain but it never spins. I have tried just the spin cycle and it does the same thing. Any thoughts?

I have the same problem with my Kenmore it washes but when it comes to drain and spin it won't spin I hear the water draining but not spin. It's also has the error on and all lights are flashing. Any thoughs?

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The SUD error code indicates that your Kenmore HE3T washer is running a suds-reduction routine. This routine occurs automatically when the washer detects excessive solids inside the basin. The suds-reduction routine gets rid of the extra suds and rinses the load to ensure that none are lingering on your clothing. The code remains in the display until the clothes rinsed so you are aware that it is running. To avoid excessive suds in the future, use only high-efficiency (HE) detergents in your washer.


The F02 error code appears if your Kenmore HE3T washer is experiencing a drainage problem. Unplug your washer to disconnect power and examine the drain hose to see if it is kinked, clogged or frozen. In addition, the hose must not exceed 96 inches higher than the floor in order to drain properly, so adjust the hose if necessary. After you resolve the problem, plug the washer in and select your chosen cycle again. Press the Start button to activate the cycle.

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At first it was just off and clothes still wet as if the load had drained but not spun. Tried drain/spin cycle which sets for 11 minutes. It made a lot of noises and then started blinking the time remaining at 10 minutes. Then code "Sud" came up after I started the drain/spin cycle for the second or third attempt, but there were no suds in the machine. Removed half of the load and tried drain/spin again; also tried different full wash cycles, but the only thing that happens is water runs in for a few seconds and the machine makes noises but does not move. After several attempts, code F02 came up and the door remained locked. None of the troubleshooting tips in the manual have worked so I quit trying, but I'm not sure how to check for a plugged drain hose. It is not kinked or too high.


Here's instructions on how to clean the drain hose: http://www.ehow.com/how_5021612_clean-cl...


On the second part of your answer to this question. You mentioned that the drain hose must be at least 96 inches above the floor?!? Im pretty sure this is a typo. 8 feet off the floor is a bit extreme. is 4 feet a good height(48 in)?

that was "must not exceed 96", thanks for spotting that. Correction has been made

I tried to run my HE3 washer after I cleaned the filter, but it still would not drain or spin. The water pump was not working I found out. I removed the three screws that keep the pump sealed to the filter, they are connected. There was a baby sock between the filter and the pump as well as the two socks and pen that I found in the filter. I twisted the wheel on the pump to see if it would spin and it did. I put the pump back on and the filter as well, and then my washer ran the drain/spin cycle. This website has been extremely helpful and I hope my experience will help someone else. Thank you

Donovan January 15th, 2012

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When I was getting "sud" repeatedly on my HE3, I cleaned the drain pump filter and it was the abvious problem when I found what was in there. Takes about 10-minutes.

1. Take off the lower front pannel (3-allen socket screws across the very bottom)

2. Turn the large round pump filter cover disk counter-clockwise by hand and remove. Be prepared to catch any water draining out.

3. With a set of needle-nose pliers, pull *straight-out* the disc behind the cover. This is a corse filter that traps large articles (like very small socks) before the drain pump. Don't ask me how they got there, but there was three of them. Clean, re-align and insert filter.

4. Replace the filter cover and lower panel.

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Worked like a charm!!! There were baby socks, nasty dust, coins and hair ties. It's spinning like a top now! THANK YOU!!!

Just a point: we have a newish (~2012) model of HE3T, and the 3 screws holding the panel on are Torx-style (8-point star), and the size is T20. I came in with my Allen wrenches and didn't look close enough and couldn't figure why metric nor imperial Allen keys wouldn't work. Hope this saves someone a few minutes of frustration.

Huge thank you. Had problem finding the right tool. Had the problem finding the right pilling tool. Had to get creative on gushing water. But with this solution, found two socks.

thank you..... sock found before it burned up the pump and thanks to the commenters with the info on the right torx size to use.

yes, yes, and YES! that's 'all' it was. for the record i had an allen wrench that worked in the screws, but i needed a pretty long one to get at them with adequate leverage as my machine sits on the floor. ALSO - be prepared to collect AS MUCH WATER AS YOU SEE LEFT IN YOUR MACHINE when you open the filter. my filter unscrewed...i had to unscrew it a little, bleed off some water into a cookie sheet pan (only thing i could slide under to catch it) and dump that into a bucket. for me it was between 2 and 3 gallons of water. the way it comes out, it channels into some of the machine frame anyway...you can't catch it all. have a couple of beach towels ready to sop it up as it comes. i didn't. now i have to put a space heater on my floor in the middle of summer to dry it out underneath before it molds. but the washer's fixed! yay! thank you sir.

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We had the same problem and, in frustration, replaced the entire pump assembly. Upon examination of the old pump, we removed the motor from the intake filter (three screws) and noticed that the impeller had moved away from the motor armature by approximately 3/16th of an inch. This space between the motor and impeller caused the pump to cavitate, loose suction resulting in the suds routine and other drain errors. We pushed the impeller firmly back into the armature and found that the old pump worked properly. Our machine is 11 years old and we don't know why the impeller shaft would move nor do we know if the impeller will now stay in it's correct position. Anyway, we now have an extra pump assembly! Tip: when reassembling the motor to the filter housing, apply a little silicone grease to the o-ring - this makes reassembly a snap!

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On the HE3, and other models there is a plastic ball in the rubber drain line which leads to the pump assembly. The purpose of this ball is to detect suds. Typically the ball will be in a down position when the pump is running and in an up position when the machine is filled with water. Normally when the pump finishes draining the water, the position of the ball is "down" however, if there is an over abundance of suds then the ball floats "up". In essence, if the pump is running and the ball is "up" you got suds! A circuit "knows" this and puts the cycle on pause. This is also why the "SUDS" function kicks in when you have a pump problem. It's simple technology and it works great most of the time.

However, some folks like to use too much sticky stuff like fabric softener and the ball gets "glued" in the "up" position.

With the bottom cover removed and machine un-plugged you can reach in behind the pump and feel the ball which is inside its rubber boot. If you suspect that it's "stuck with guck" it can be massaged - Then dump in a good amount of bleach into the washer and run an empty cycle (no clothes). This will help clean out the drain line and free the little ball.

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Our HE3 washer has been a total stud for 12 years. No repairs, heavy use. But on Saturday afternoon, got the F02 code and it was not draining. Pulled off the lower panel and opened the trap, found lots of junk, but still no drain. I could feel inside the pump that the motor had lots of play, so I figured replacing the pump would be a good move.

Problem: It's Saturday night. Parts places closed. But it turns out Sears has parts stores that are open on weekends. Called the Sears parts store on Sunday morning, they had the part, paid about $145 for it. Installation was a snap. Plenty of help online, as well as printed instructions that come with the part.

The hardest part of the job was reinstalling the access panel! Those three little screws are down so low that unless you have tipped your machine back you will find it very challenging to screw them in!

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All, this blog was extremely helpful, and led me right to the problem. Unfortunate for me, in addition to the filter being plugged the pump was pretty much gone. So, I have a new one on order from Amazon for $60 & free shipping.

Thanks Again


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With the back and top off, you will see the pressure switch (back right top). Attached to that is a small black hose. Follow it down to the drum and you will see a white assembly (air Trap) that attaches to the drum. With a flash light you can observe how much guck is in the white assembly, if this is clogged you will have to remove a small screw holding it on, remove the wires and unlatch clip near back. Have small container to catch water as you remove assembly. Once off use a bottle brush or tooth brush to clean out! This guck stops Vacuum from working due to slow drain and poor suction and produces F02 error.


14 on the Diagram is the Air Trap

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Thank you so much for this posting about the black hose line. We had done everything that had been posted about the drain basket in the front, the drain pump, all the other gizmos and such but this posting about the black line and it’s attachment that could possibly still be causing the F02. Sure enough this was a culprit along with the drain lines that had a significant amount of gunk caked inside each line. Once the lines were cleaned the washing machine finally did a spin cycle and finished the cycle without a single code. Thanks for posting this, we were minutes from throwing in the towel and calling a service tech.

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This worked like a charm! Thanks for the tip on the 8 point star tool. Strangely enough I just so happened to have one in my bag of tricks. After opening the drain I found a penny, a bunch of misc mush and a surprisingly large (although thin) circular foam disc.

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