Power Macs include G3, G4, and G5 models.

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How do I remove 2 Hard Drives from my Mac G3 Beige MiniTower

I would like to remove the 2 hard drives from my Mac G3 Beige Mini Tower so I can install the hardrives in a external Hard Drive enclosure.

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Please email the answer to tazriel@gmail.com

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There were lots of Beige G3 towers, it would help to know which one you have. Most had side door panels that opened by pressing the the button on the top of the panel. Some had the hard drives mounted on sleds which pull out. You disconnect the gray ribbon cable and the power plug (molex). Flip the drive over and remove the the four screws that mount the sled plate onto the hard drive.

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I appreciate your help, my G3 Has the side door that opens by pressing the button at the top.So when the side door is open and I am looking at the inside, are the hard drives at the top? This G3 has 2 hard drives, I would like to remove them, and put them in an external enclosure and use them as a extra harddrive. It sounds like after I disconnect the gray ribbon and the power plug(molex) I flip the drive over & remove the four screws that mount the sled plateonto the hard drive. Is that correct?

Appreciate your help.

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Just follow the large flat gray ribbon cables. One will go from the logic board to the Optical drive and the other will go to the hard drives. Your understanding of how to remove the sleds is correct if your model uses them.

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Thanks for your help.

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glad I could help

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