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Is there a discharging device for this gopro karma drone battery?

Is there a way of building a discharging device for a gopro karma battery (gopro karma is a drone) like a bulb that will discharge the battery. The connectors are different and I have not seen anything about it. There are other batteries that has a simple connectors but this one is a bit different.

Update (05/15/2018)

The purpose of having a discharging device is to discharge the battery to a certain voltage so as when you store the battery, the battery life is extended. Of course you discharge it when you have to store the battery for a longer period of time. I have seen some attachments to other lipo batteries to discharge it but I have not seen one for this particular battery. So, is there one out there?

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Just curious ,why discharge it?

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You could always use the karma as a discharging device and run the karma for a few minutes before removing the battery and storing it on a shelf for an extended period of time. Otherwise, you could try interfacing to the battery connector and plug in a ~15v fan to discharge the battery.

Good luck!

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