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2 vertical lines on left side of Samsung 46" tv.


I have 2 vertical lines on the left side of my Samsung 46" lcd tv. They are not always there. One is green the other darker. Maybe 2 inches in from the left. They are maybe 1/8" in width.

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You have 1 or more transistors, possibly diodes, going out on the LCD controller board. I suggest you take it in for repair, which should be reasonable at this point. The longer you wait the more chances there are of other components as a result of their failure. You may want to do a Google search on your EXACT model. If this is a prevalent problem with your model their maybe a product recall or similar.

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I don't know this machine, is there any way to fix it himself? Parts availability?

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He didn't give an exact model number. Without that it does little good to Google it and therefore you rely on general knowledge of the beast. The fact that the lines disappear say it is not a TAB fault. But in general it is failing transistors to the greater part, diodes to the lessor part, on the LCD controller board that cause these lines. Many times the resister feeding the current is gone too. Usually these parts overheat when dieing and the circuit board around them is darker in color. I hate sending anyone,, but my customers ;-), to the repairman.

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Great answer ++!

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+ sounds good to me....

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Gee i"m glad you joined us. As these parts fail is it an "all or none" situation or can they partially work or fail while heating up?

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