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My PowerBook has only tiger os I want to upgrade to leopard

i want it to upgrade to leopard

but whehen im trying to install it it only say's to restart then after that nothing happens, and i try to use portable optical drive and its nothing , hmmm help me out

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You don't give us much to go on so I'm posting a link to OS 10.5 Leopard's installation requirements. If your unit meets all these requirements and you have a Retail copy or a machine specific copy of Leopard for your computer and it still doesn't work get back to us with more information on your computer. Good luck

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any version of mac os leopard will work for my powerbook g4 1.33ghz 1gb of ram or 10.5.1 only?

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No, it still would need to be either a Retail copy or a machine specific for your computer. What version of Leopard do you have? You can read the version number on the package and google it to find out what computer it will work with.

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im using eexternal optical disk drive to install mac os x because my powerbook does not suppport dual layer disk,, my os is only downloaded from a torrent because my this laptop is a second hand.

using my external optical in installing it, when mac os x pop out then i click install mac os x then it will pop out to restart you computer, then when i restart nothing happned and i repeat this step over and over again

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If downloaded from a torrent there is no way we can determine what computer it was intended for. You need to obtain a certified copy of the OS to be able to install Leopard. Also your external disk needs to be a firewire DVD drive. Good luck.

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Without knowing which PowerBook you have and how much RAM, we don't even know what your top loadable system is.

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