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Intel quad Q9000 processor only using 1 core on G72GXA1 Asus Laptop?

When i bought this laptop all of the cores where working fine, but after a virus and a format only 1 of my cores is working. I have windows 7 64bit and when i open taskmanager and go to performance it shows all 4 cores, but when i try to play a game only 1 of these cores is being used. I noticed this because my games began to inconspicuously lag, and that is when i say that 1 core was maxing out and the rest were not even doing anything. Could someone please tell me how to fix this, and try to stay away from the answer, "Buy a new processor" unless necesarry. Thank you in advance.

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I would check my bios and make sure the cores are turned on there. Also since you did a format have you made sure you have the proper drivers installed. I don't have a copy of your setup manual and if you don't please contact the manufacture for one.

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You may also need a patch for the game to be able to utilize the extra processors, or try your game preferences to active them.

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rj713 is right. The two things to check are the BIOS and the drivers. If they're showing up in the Task Manager, I doubt there's anything wrong with the cores themselves. Even if there were, the likelihood of 3 of them going out at once is pretty slim.

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Is an easy fix this one.

press the start button, type msconfig.

under the boot tab select advanced options.

you will see a tab with number of processors, click on and your 4 core option will be there.

click apply and finish and reboot.

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