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Where is the phone's backlight?


After water damage and drying it out, iPhone finally came on but the tochscreen is not working at all.. can´t slide the bar to get into the phone, can´t turn it off... etc... also it does not have a backlight... i can see the phone is on but very dimmed..sound, it rings, but can´t answer calls and no backlight.

I am about to purchase the parts to fix this but would like to know if i just need the front glass + digitizer alone or should i also buy the lcd screen to fix the entire problem...

Thanks a lot in advance...

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The backlight is actually a small CFL bulb integrated into the bottem and top of the LCD panel, you would need to replace the entire LCD panel to fix it, as well as the digitalizer that is broken in your phone, depending on whice iPhone you have, this is either an easy fix, or an incredibly hard one, you could also check that the display cable is seated fully into it's socket, and the same for the digitalizer cable.

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how do you turn on the flash light

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Phone the backlight problem

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No on the backlight phone please help the problem

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