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whining noise from rear only on deceleration

2002 xvs 1100 dragstar classic, whining noise on deceleration, checked brakes ok, checked rear wheel bearing ok, sounds like a diff bearing but quite loud and only on deceleration, dip clutch no noise.

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Sounds like bad bearings in the final drive or failing bevel gears perhaps.

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Thankyou very much, I have a feeling it might be the front bearing in the diff where the driveshaft is housed. I will replace the whole diff, CHEERS

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stripped final drive, crown wheel ok , small gear ok, slight only slight roughness from main large bearing, no obvious wear on gear teeth, do you think only slight wear on main bearing could still cause a noise on deceleration, by way when I had bike raised before dismanteling , I drove back wheel in gear at 40mph and noise defo sounded from rear on deceleration, dipped clutch and no noise.

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Hi Stephen, did you get any solution on your bike, i have the same problem on my Virago 1100 here in Norway

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I found problem. It all started with a rear puncture. I drove bike slowly with flat rear for one mile to get repaired 1st mistake. This caused the drive shaft to break inside the diff, i then replaced diff and shaft and thought all was well. Then 6 months later i got whining noise on deceleration, this was caused by the nut coming loose that holds the yoke to gearbox shaft. The front of the rear driveshaft fits into the yoke and gives you drive. Remove the near side lower engine cover, you will then see the fuel pump, this is mounted on inner plastic cover that hides you veiw of the drive yoke but with a handlamp you can see through gap in cover to see the nut holding the yoke on. Yes it is repairable but lengthy job. If threads left on gearbox , clean or chanfer the remaining threads and use a thinner nut to resecure the yoke to the gearbox. My next repair is permanent and prob not advised but it worked forme. When i resecred the nut and yoke i welded the nut onto the threads. Bike fine now.

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