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Repair Guide for the 2004-2008 Mazda RX-8. A Japanese sports car built from 2003 until 2008.

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2006 RX-8 will not start.

2006 RX-8 will not start. Getting it to turnover but not firing. Replaced battery, plugs and starter and still not firing up. I am at a loss right now as to what to do. A mechanic told me to squirt oil into the spark plug wells and with the plugs out try to fire it up. Any help would be so greatly appreciated!

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Hey anyone wanna by my rx-8 I'll gladly sell it at a low price text me if interested 3373846883

I have an rx8 shinka 6sp manual 05, the dam thing has been perfect until my clutch pedal broke so we replaced the pedal. Then the battery was fukd so new battry . All good exept it's been running weired so it has like shifting memory loss and rpms are lower than they should be but I drove it for 4 months and it got back to normal. Now when I drive it short distances I shut off and it wants to NOT START ONLY AFTER 5 times and waiting like 10- 30 mins it got worse now its sitting and wont start at all . Took back seat out and the line going into fuel pump has gas around it and on top of tank . Wont jump and idk wat the prob is after it did the slow start for months and now it's got gas on top of pump . Is it the pump or the line? My pump kot be here sat and my bf is not familiar with mazdas only AMERICAN cars . He built rally cars and was good at it. But what's my cars problem ? Any thoughts.

I'm having similar problems. The car turns over slow and take a while to start . I can drive it and it does just fine untill I turn the car off and it want start back . If I leave it sitting untill the engine is completely cooled down it will then and only then refire and run . Any suggestions ?

It's a 2005 skinko with 150,000 miles . Car has been sitting under carport for almost a year . The starter speed seems to be close to the same during each attempted start but it does take a long time for it to fire up the first time it starts but as stated will not start again if engine dies or if ignition is turned off untill it completely cools off . 2 to 4 hours or longer .

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Not sure what the mechanic was trying to accomplish there . Start by checking for engine codes . This will eliminate a lot of things or point straight to your problem . Also listen for the fuel pump does it hum when you turn on the ignition on without turning the motor over . You should hear a humming sound for about 3-5 seconds coming from the rear of the car when you turn the key on without cranking the engine . If you dont hear this then your not pumping fuel and your car wont start. If can hear the pump and you didnt get any codes then pull a plug after cranking the engine for a while, maybe 30 seconds of cranking . Is the plug wet or dry. If its wet your getting fuel this is good if its dry your not getting fuel . If not then we should change the filter first to ensure were not dealing with a plugged fuel filter. Try starting it if theres no joy then move on to checking pressure on the fuel rail . There could be an issue with the fuel regulator . Next check the injectors . if you have access to a stethoscope then check the injectors while the cars being cranked over if there working you should hear a clicking sound from them . If there not then look for an electrical problem in the wiring harness , check the fuses and relays related to the injectors.

If the plugs are wet then the issue is in the ignition and you would most likely get a code . either coil , or crank sensor or possibly cam sensor . Any one can stop you and are difficult to figure out which unless its casting a code . Best piece of advice that you can take from here is get the OBDII codes read otherwise your just going to replace a lot of stuff needlessly . Hope this helps

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I noticed you mention a fuel filter. I too have a 2006 rx8 and when i wanted to buy a fuel filter at Auto Zone they told me they don't list one for this car. Oreilly's said the same. Please tell me where its located and if this filter is a dealer item.


This car has a rotary engine, so there’s no camshafts or related sensors. There’s also no fuel pressure regulator at the rail it’s sort of built into the pump.

Hey i can you tell you this at least mazda was thinking about it's owners when they were building them I found out cuz I spend so much time working on it that the bar that runs across the motor was put there for you to use to Lean on while working on it

Lol that is so true made me smile

If its an rx8 the plugs are wet then the engine is flooded. pull all plugs out clean with brake cleaner or replace. turn engine over with no plugs and pedal to floor this is supposed to shut off fuel this will get any leftover fuel out of engine. Replace plugs with good battery try starting.

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@pod11 "squirt oil into the spark plug wells and with the plugs out try to fire it up" you definitely do not want to do that. Gasoline may be okay but no" oil. You’ve changed a few parts but have not told us if you have spark at the plugs. you can either get a tester for that or pull the plugs and hold it close to an engine ground, then try to start. You should see sparks at your plugs. Do that for each one or you could pull the coil wires one by one and see if you have spark. If you have no spark to all the plugs/coils then you want to check the Eccentric Shaft Positioning Sensor.

Block Image

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I have a 2004 and not sure if its the problem , but this happened to me, just like a chainsaw, lawnmower etc... It flooded out on me. So if this is your problem. Than do this =pull the fuse that goes to your fuel pump. Than get in the car. And try cranking it for. 20 sec press on the gas a. Little bit, wait at least 2 minutes between intervals and repeat until you believe all the fuel in the line is out, then replace the fuse and this time hold the pedal to the floor and try to crank for 20 seconds and then let it sit for 2 minutes repeat the process but slowly letting off the gas you may want to have somebody with jumper cables and a good battery but eventually it should prank but may smoke a lot but nothing to be worried about if this doesn't work then you will have to pull the spark plugs

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I’d like to point out that this car has a very unique rotary engine that does not operate the same as regular piston engines. There is no easily accessible fuel pressure regulator or fuel filter as both are built into the fuel pump assembly. Worst case scenario, if this engine cranks but won’t start it’s likely got bad compression and will require a rebuild, however if your lucky it might be something else. These motors are very high compression engines that rely on crucial Apex Seals to run effectively. These seals need to be lubricated very well to last long and if they aren’t via the oil injection system or premixing the fuel with 2 stroke oil they are prone to failure. Because of this lubrication method they are prone to clogging catalytic converters which can prevent a startup. Another common failure is the starters as they require a very fast cranking speed to start. If it cranks fast you should definitely check the spark plugs as the oil burned in the combustion chamber makes them prone to fouling. The ignition coils from the factory are also somewhat weak and fail quick so they are another good place to check while dealing with the ignition system. If you feel sure fuel, spark and cranking speed are all intact, a compression test can be used to determine if the internal seals are functioning well. A compression tester is connected to one of the spark plug holes and the engine is cranked until the tester reads a number in PSI. Rotary engines have 3 combustion surfaces per rotor so they require special compression testers to show each of the three faces. In simple terms, a good engine should read about 100psi. Anything below 60 or so may need a rebuild. Running Premium gas with a good premix is o me of the best things you can do to keep this engine running well and prevent loss of compression, however they are victims of damage from overheating. Keep a careful watch on the temperature gauge when driving and if it reaches the half way point measures should be taken to ensure it does not get an hotter, like blasting the heater or even pulling over and turning it off to let it cool down. Good luck and I hope you can still appreciate the beauty of this car.

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I work on RX8s get new plugs are clean the leading and trailing plug squirt oil with a turkey baster into the combustion chamber put plugs back in the oil helps combustion the new plugs will fire when you see all the white smoke when. I fires up let it run for 10 to 20 min you have to drive these cars like ya stole em rev em drive em hard the car loves it hope you don't have an automatic waste of a car 5r6speed only way to go God I love rotarys

I have a 2008 shinka Everytime I drive it I get pulled over from the cat back exhaust the car screams and throws fire out the pipes like a dragon

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Start with a scanner and see if your getting rpm.. if not look into a crank sensor…

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So if my RPM thing moves a little tiny bit a little bit that means that the crankshaft sensors working

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