My GameCube's Power Light turns on, but nothing else.

So I picked up a GameCube from the thrift store and when I plugged it in the light turned on, but nothing appeared on screen. I unscrewed the screws on the bottom to remove the top half of the GameCube to see what would happen if I just turned the system on with no disk.

The laser doesn't move or turn on and the assembly wouldn't spin. On top of that there was still nothing showing up on the screen. No GameCube logo, now options menu, nothing. Just the orange light powering on and that's it.

I've looked all over the internet to see if I can find a solution, but I can't find anything whatsoever. What I have found online is people suggesting to replace the fuse, but I can't find the fuse on my motherboard since my motherboard is different and I'm not very familiar with board components.

If anyone can either help me figure out where my fuse is or has a better suggestion outside of replacing the fuse then I'm all ears because I have no idea what to do.

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@nicolasawriter since you are saying that your motherboard is different, you should post a couple of good pictures with your question. Use this guide 기존 질문에 이미지 추가하기 for that so we can see what you see

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