Model A1238 / 80, 120, or 160 GB hard drive / black or silver metal front

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No content but drive is packed?

Noticed that my 160cg classic was showing "no songs". So after a restore the songs were back. Then later on I attempted a sync and it shows no content again. About screen shows 130gb of "other" but the songs are on there. Tried restoring a few times. Music stays till I sync it again or even plug it into a dock. Tried formatting it fat32 as well without joy. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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bazo, it has been my experience that if you can not format the drive, it needs to be replaced. Had the same issue recently and messed around with that for a good while. I could see the files etc but had no access to the, failed format. The only thing that fixed it was a new drive. It looks like you already tried everything else as well. Good Luck

iPod Classic Hard Drive Replacement

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It formats fine though. I can reformat it to any file system and use it as removable storage perfectly. And if I restore the ipod on mac, It works perfectly. But then if I plug it in to sync it all goes to *@*%. The problem is that it's quite an inconvenience to sync 130gb of music every time i want to add a new song :( Thank you for your reply though oldturkey03 :)

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Sorry I must have confused this somewhere when you originally stated that "Tried formatting it fat32 as well without joy" I took it as not formatting. To copy additional songs to your ipod for syncing, you could just pull the song from your library to your ipod and it will transfer the individual song and not all songs. So I guess the issue is not your ipod but your iTunes :-) good Luck

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@bazo i dont understand? how is it that you restored your ipod and your music magically appeared? If i'm not mistaken, the purpose of the restore action is to completely erase all your music and restart fresh?

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He did not say it "magically appeared" He is resyncing it. So the music is probably on his computer in the iTunes library...;-)

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