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Vertical Color lines - T-con board just replaced

This is kind of a funny story, the neighbor, who is king of the procrastinators, had their Samsung UN60EH6050F correctly diagnosed with a bad t-con board. After over a year of sitting on their kitchen table, I decided to fix it myself. I replaced the t-con board, and fixed the original issue (sound with no image).

When we tested it, we noticed the right half of the screen has color vertical lines/no image. See image link.

Block Image

It sat face down the entire time with the cover over it, but not attached. Something could have hit a component, or being on its face broke the screen, but I have no idea if this TV is just done, or how to fix it.

Can anyone provide any assistance?

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I would first verify that the ribbon cable for that side of the panel is installed correctly. Assuming that the replacement T-con board is not faulty, the connections would be the first thing to check. Re-seat both ribbon cables and post the results. Also check the cables themselves looking for any damage to the cable.

You can also look at the connector on the board to see if there is any damage. It is also possible that the solder connections for the connector itself may be cracked or damaged. If you can post a picture of the connectors, that may be helpful as well.

If the set was working as expected prior to the T-con failure, I would not suspect the panel at this time, but it is possible that the panel was on the verge of failure prior to the T-con failure. While possible, I would expect this to be extremely remote.


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Thanks Dan!! That was it! Cleaned the connections, reseated and it works great!

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