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How to track down and replace LED backlight/controller for TV?

INSIGNIA (Best Buy) Model Number : NS-50DR710NA17

tv was "gifted" to me since i'm the supposed tech wizard in my town.

so, maybe i have a free 4k tv, if i can fix it.

tv seems to have no backlight. if i turn tv in a very dark room, i can barely see the queues for HDMI 1, 2, 3, etc...

Steps Already Taken: tried connecting laptop via HDMI. saw desktop but only barely, in dark room. still no backlight. can i get a replacement backlight? is hard to install? i can do some moderate electrical work. especially if it's just plug and play. or would this require some soldering?

also tried holding reset button, now when powered on, still no light but the faint image is the initial setup procedures.

what little info i could get from INSIGNIA's support people:


"Hi Lawson,

After getting in contact with my parts supplier they have informed me that the replacement backlight is not in stock. However, they provided me with the part number so you can buy it in the open market.

Part number: TPT500U1-QVN02.A S003B XM TPV or LCA500QVN02AFN2X0X/AUO T500QVN02

In regards the installation, as you need physical assistance to do this I strongly recommend you to get in contact with a local technician of your trust. If you do not know any, please get back to me with your zip code so I can help you find some options.


John P.

Insignia Products. "


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@abrsvc thanks for the tip. i'll pop it open later on and see what i can see.

i'll email you if needed.

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I have INSIGNIA (Best Buy) Model Number : NS-55DR710NA17. What is the part number for the backlight strips? If I wanted to replace the led itself where can I get those?

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The back light not working can be one of a few problems:

1) No power to the LED back light parts - Power supply problem

2) Power supplied but no light:

a) Led Strip has failed - replace the strip or locate the failing LED and replace the LED

b) Multiple strips have failed - similar to a, but with more than one strip

If you are confident in repairs, you can try to repair the power supply or replace it. The same goes for the LED strips. Replacing the individual LEDs requires practice and some specialized equipment.


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