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2014년 9월 19일에 출시된 이 5.5” 스크린 iPhone은 iPhone 6의 큰 버전입니다.

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How do I fix this charging port issue?

Hey, I bought a second hand iPhone 6 Plus off Ebay recently, and it has been having charging port issues. I cleaned out all the lint that I could find, but am still having issues.

The charging port is loose and I am getting no signal at all, no matter how I try to plug the phone in, but I have noticed that there's a sort of 'extra pin' bent in the corner of the charging port, near the edges.

(There are the eight normal pins and the sides, but some sort of bent in, smaller piece of lint or something that resembles a charging port pin that won't budge at all-- I tried to take a pic of it, but it keeps coming out blurry).

Is there any way to remove this, or do I have to get the port replaced? Is it too far gone? Replacements are a reasonable price, but I don't want to have to sepend the extra money if I don't have to.

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You said you had the charging port replaced but something is stuck in the headphones jack. However the charging port and the headphones jack are part of the same replacement flex cable so they are replaced together. Which means if the charging port is new, so must the headphones jack be.

Here's iFixit's guide for replacing the charge port and headphones jack cable if you'd like to take a swing at it. It also contain a link to the replacement part and the needed tools, so you can see how the port and jack are built onto the same flex cable.

Now, let's rewind and start from the beginning:

You need a known good cable to test. New is not necessarily good; it must be "known good" as in verified as working with a different unit both for charging and connecting to iTunes.

You need also to check that your computer USB port is working properly by connecting a different phone as well.

If all the above check out, then you can have: a bad charging port, a bad battery, a logic board failure (Tristar, Tigris, broken trace, shorted line, etc.), or any combination of the above.

(Note that IF the Tristar chip is failing, the iPhone MAY be unable to charge a dead battery, but able to charge a battery that was already holding a charge when it was fitted in the iPhone. Then if you use the iPhone until the battery drains out, you won't be able to charge it again).

You can start replacing parts as per the guide, or take it to a reputable independent repair shop that can perform the proper diagnostic and quote you for the adequate repair. If the failure is at board level, they should be able to offer micro soldering repair.

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I strongly recommend replacing the port. Sounds to me like there is damage to the port and it sounds like the previous owner probably tried to do some diy work on the phone and lost the very small screws that hold the port in place. If you do relace the port then I would also recommend purchasing new hardware in case the screws are missing, otherwise the new Port will be loose too.

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Hey, thanks for your advice. I decided to get the battery and the charging port replaced on Wednesday in a reputable repair store.

I charged the phone for over two hours and tried to soft reset it, hard reset it and DFU reset it. I also tried heating the phone up when it was cold.

It’s still unresponsive and my laptop isn’t recognising it in iTunes or on my laptop.

I also found out that the headphone jack is broken. Something is stuck in it.

What else could be wrong with the phone if it’s not charging port or battery related?

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Jim what do you mean when you say your phone is unresponsive? Does it not turn on? Also, the headphone jack, mic, and charging port as well as speaker are all one piece so sounds to me like they are not so reputable. If it were a brand new part the headphone jack shouldn’t be broken. Return it ASAP to have it replaced. It should have warranty.

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Sorry for taking so long to get back to you.

Yeah, the phone doesn't turn on at all. Thank you for the the infomation. I didn't know that they were all connected (I'm new to iPhones in general and the overall circuitry of them, but I have watched a few videos to acquaint myself).

As for the repair itself, I am planning to bring the phone back either next week or this week. I will be notifying them of this and bringing in my warranty slip. They should fix the problem for free if I do that, right?

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