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2014년 9월 19일에 출시된 이 4.7” 스크린 iPhone은 iPhone 6 Plus의 작은 버전입니다. 모델 번호 A1549, A1586 및 A1589로 식별됩니다.

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Resoldering antenna interconnect cable

I have snapped of the connector of my antenna interconnect cable on my dock flex cable. I have another dock flex cable which doesn't work, and I was wondering if it would be possible to desolder it, and solder it onto the working one. What connections need to be made? What is the risk involved? Will I need anything other than a vacuum desoldering pump, a soldering iron and solder?


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Just use a soldering iron with a fairly fine point tip and some desoldering wick. This is much too small to use a desoldering pump.

Generally the central core of the wire is soldered at the end and the sheathing is soldered separately (you can see it pretty well here on Step 33 of this guide)

Don't underestimate the difficulty of soldering/desoldering fine wires on soft flexes. Too much heat and you will do a lot of damage.

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After taking it off, 2 pads can be seen on the main flex. However, the wire seems to only have one end. Do the 2 pads connect to the same wire, or are there actually 2 separate parts to the wire that I cannot see? If there are 2 parts to the wire, what will happen to the phone if I short them?

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The shielding connects to ground, or the metal casing on the connector. The signal wire is at the center of the connector and in the center of the wire.

The trick is that the shield and the signal may be DC conductive for some antennas, you wouldn't know if you have soldered properly or accidentally shorted the two if you test conductivity, only some kind of inductance/RF test will reveal for sure.

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Ahah! I now see it (I think). On the stripped end of the wire, there is a bundle of shorter silver wire-strands, and there is one wire strand which is a slightly different colour protruding from the bundle. Are these the 2 segments of the wire? Wouldn't this cause a problem, considering the longer wire strand is coming out of the middle of the other set of wire-strands (causing a short circuit)?

One random question : what does this cable do? From the name "antenna interconnect cable" I can deduce it is cellular, but in what way?

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It definitely is used for 3G cellular signal which is used on some service providers that do not support 4G calls.

Other than that, that's all I know about it.

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Hi @albert8181 ,

Your description of the wires indicate that it is a shielded cable.

That is a cable with a central wire which is insulated from the surrounding "shield" wires which are usually connected to earth to protect the signal from EMR interference

You do have to be careful when connecting shielded cables that the shield wires DO NOT s/c to the signal wire, even 1 strand of shield wire touching can cause problems

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