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Water damaged MacBook - no backlight?


I just got in a macbook that has water damage to the backlight portion of the logic board, and the computer has no backlight. have tried 3 screens on the computer, 2 inverters, and nothing. The computer works on an external display perfectly. It has narrowed down to 2 things: inverter cable and logic board. If its the logic board, since nearly everything else works perfectly, is that possible to fix? I have read about people that find the source of the short (connecting resistors together until the backlight turns on) but that I am not sure how to do. Anyone ever seen this, or have any suggestions where I can go from here?



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The place to start is dealing with the liquid damage. If the residues from that aren't cleaned up you are going to chase ghost and really can't actually determine what if any parts are bad. Remove all power sources from your laptop. Push the power button for 10 seconds to help dissipate the capacitors. Then let it sit for an hour to ensure the capacitors have lost their charge. Remove the PRAM battery if it has one. Next remove your motherboard and clean both sides of it 90% or better rubbing alcohol or distilled water and a tooth brush. All are obtainable from your Pharmacy. Be liberal with the distilled water or alcohol let it flow underneath the chips to wash away what is under them, between pins etc... It is the contaminates in water (ionized minerals, which are salts) that are corrosive and conduct the electricity that do the damage, not the water itself. When you inspect your board you will see how small some of the components are and their connections/pins. Many of the IC pins you really can't inspect for corrosion between them without expensive optics. Flushing and brushing is the cheap and dirty way to remove those things you can't see with your naked eye. Dry it off with paper towels and let it sit for a day to dry the parts you can't reach, like under ICs. You can use a hair dryer on no heat or a fan to expedite drying, but still let it sit over night. My background is electronics. I am not an Apple guru. Reassemble your laptop give it a try. If this didn't solve your problem we'll work on getting the problem solved. You haven't stated your model number. If you would give us a model number along with the last 3 characters of your serial number we can point you to a guide to aide with motherboard removal and be better prepared to help you.

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Thanks for the information, I will get to work on this. It is a 2.4ghz white macbook, I am new to the site so not sure how to enter that in. I have pretty good experience doing minor stuff with macbooks such as screens, disk drives, heat sinks etc, but never an entire removal and reassemble, so that will be a first for me.

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This is the guide for the model A1342 the most likely candidate from the information you have given: MacBook Unibody Model A1342 Logic Board Replacement This is the guide for the A1278 the only other one it could be: MacBook Unibody Model A1278 Logic Board Replacement Both of these come in the 2.4Ghz flavor but I believe yours is the first 1. From what you said you will do fine with this, just a few more screws than where you've been before.

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Before I rip that out, I need to find out if my inverter cable is any good. Actually, i 100% sure its not since 2 of the wires broke when I pulled it out of the slot, but I dont know if thats related to the issue because they may have functioned fine before I pulled it out.

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I am certain that is a contributing factor to your problem, possibly the only one. Thank you for remembering to bring that up. However I can't point you to the part or correct procedure without knowing exactly which MacBook you have, model, year and time of year it was manufactured. The easiest way to find this is with the last 3 characters of your serial number. I still highly suggest you clean your motherboard at this time while you have it apart to replace the broken inverter cable. Ultimately that is your judgment call to make.

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The wires should not have come apart/broken easily. I an not sure where they broke or how to comment any further.

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