JBL sound gone charge3

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hey i buy new charge 3 , the sound gone in phone and from pc bluetooth, i used phone via bluetooth, battery left on speaker one of 5, hmm i thought phone problem , but today from pc same like phone gone sound, when i turn off speaker and turn on sound is on,when gone sound speaker is on, not turn off, and dont disconnected from bluetooth. i listen 100% volume not boosted songs. from phone i downloaded app black player music where can set boost bass , and visualator, i set to 100 and visualator 100, i dont listen at highest volume and boosted songs, no. i know on speaker via key can power low frequency mode, i dont do that. so where can be problem? speaker damage with bass boost and visualator from the app? :D :D or go to service centre and say brock speaker? i do factory reset. on flip 3 nothing same problem like this i listen 100 percent at bass boost songs and turn on low frequency mode on flip 3

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