(WIKO GETAWAY) won't turn on anymore, completely unresponsive.


The phone in concern is a Wiko GETAWAY, not a Pulp 4g Phone, but I can't find the phone on these forums.

Basically what happened is that I bought this phone second-hand with an error, namely that none of three lower buttons would work (Home, Back, and the tabs button). They would merely light up once when you switched the screen on, and then would darken again and be unresponsive.

So I decided to reboot the phone as to check if it had something to do with the cache, and I pressed Reboot after holding the power button for a few seconds. The phone switched off...and didn't turn on again.

It's completely unresponsive now, no buttons at all work, no recovery mode or bootloader, no lights when charging, no sounds, and it isn't recognized by the PC. I'd really like to solve this problem so I can at least get the phone back to the stage it was before the failed reboot.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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Your phones specs: Wiko Getaway

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