blades diaengage and battery dies

Hello, I have a craftman 46 inch pro series riding lawn mower. It wouldn't start even after charging battery. Changed battery, cut 1 acre just fine, midway through the next cut the blades would disengage, engine would rev a little faster and the steering would get tough. Turned mower off and wouldn't start back. Put on charge for about 30 mins, mower started back up, ran for about 10 mins and I repeated the same process 2 or 3 more times until I finished cutting the yard. Any thoughts?

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Sounds like the battery is not getting charged. Check across battery terminals with it running at cutting speeds you should be getting 13.5 volts if not then the charging circuitry is to blame..

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ok, I will do that tomorrow. If its not reading 13.5 then what in the charging circuitry needs to be replaced

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battery not charging at all

Also you need to provide model number and serial number info here and at Sears when you order the parts or we will only be guessing otherwise.

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