Samsung Galaxy Note 4는 2014년 10월에 출시된 셀룰러 스마트폰입니다. Galaxy Note 4 모델 번호는 SM-N910, SM-N910A, SM-N910T, SM-N910V 또는 미국 버전은 SM-N910R4입니다.

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Trouble separating the front and rear housing/Motherboard Swap

Hello, I’m currently trying to swap motherboards between two Galaxy Note 4s, as one won’t power on but has a good looking screen and the other powers on but the screen doesn’t work. I’m currently trying to take apart the one with the bad screen, as there is less risk involved. Trouble is, all I have managed to do is separate the glass from the LCD, instead of the front part separating from the back. I have taken all the screws out, separated the clips in the battery compartment, and I think I’ve separated all the adhesive around the phone, but no matter how hard I push from inside the battery area only the area right around the edge of the battery compartment seems to budge. Any ideas on what I should do before I accidentally push a hole in the front or something?

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Figured it out, it took a lot of pressure, but there are clips along both sides that need to be undone as well, and are difficult to get at without a long pry tool

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The note 4 is a pocket type device.

If you go on youtube there is a lot of “Use a hairdryer” models, but unfortunately, this results in unfortunate replacement failures.

As a Certified Samsung Warranty Technician, i can suggest tools to use for the procedure that are professional, but acquiring them would cost more than just replacing the phone. The Screen needs to be heated substantially, where it is uncomfortable to hold, before seperating it from the housing. i Use suction cups and lift it, but most guids that say use a hairdryer or heat gun suggest picks, as the heat is not as even with this procedure.

essentially you are doing one of the most difficult repairs samsung has, and i would honestly suggest taking it to a trusted technician to do it. if you insist on doing it yourself, below is a guide, but they always make it look easier than it really is for pocket type devices.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Display Assembly Replacement

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Thanks for the reply! If it makes any difference, I am NOT trying to do a screen replacement. I am trying to do a motherboard replacement, which looks much simpler. I am having difficulty separating the rear housing from the front half of the phone, which looks like a very different procedure from the screen replacement you linked. I am trying to follow the motherboard replacement guide.

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for pocket type devices. You have to remove the screen to disassemble the device. (properly) this is how samsung does the repairs. if someone has jerry rigged some different way of doing it, that is not the standard of the repair. The Back hosing, and alluminum frame are all one component with a bracket installed inside.

If i had a spare one laying around, id disassemble it to show you the process, but the best i can do, is send you this link. this is not how samsung trains us to do it, but its the safest i could find.

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