no power even after both power ics changed

so i have an s6 edge+ no power, replaced both power ic’s. getting around 3.5v in both locations but not turning on and no image. on dc power to vbat holding power will draw current but when let go it doesnt draw current like it would if booting

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@refectio any ideas what would cause this

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I'm not really an expert with Samsung devices. You say you changed the power IC's...did you check the output voltages to see if any were shorted? The problem may be downstream.

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I can second that response by @refectio. Make sure you don't have any broken traces and the voltages are within spec downstream.

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cant find any shorts on the board altough there are coils above the main power ic that seem short but not sure if its just low resistance lines

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By definition, coils are "short" as they are just a looped wire. They shouldn't be shorted to ground though.

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