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Is it possible to replace the glass only?

Hi i have cracked my screen on my lg k8 2017 m200. The touch works fine and image is fine. However i cant find any tutorials for just replacing the glass only and not the digitizer. Does this mean its too tricky? However i can find glass only to purchase!

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Hi Becky!

Your LG K8 has a bonded display assembly. This means that the outer glass, digitizer (touch sensing layer) and LCD are all bonded together with an optically clear adhesive across the entire surface. While it may be *possible* to “just” replace the glass and have a working device at the end, this would not be a lasting repair.

I would highly recommend that you pursue the correct display assembly, but bear in mind that you may need some additional tools in order to successfully accomplish this repair. If your model is the 2017 version, then Amazon has it for under $40 here.



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