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Pioneer VSX-531 Receiver does not power on (HDMI light blinks)

Pioneer VSX-531 AV Receiver

5.1-channel receiver with 5x130 Watt, 4 HDMI ports, HDCP 2.2, MCACC automatic calibration, Advanced Sound Retriever, Bluetooth and USB

I have a digital copy of the user manual | Need a schematic or wiring diagram

Expert researcher / Novice electrical repair experience (I know enough not to be dangerous, and can fix most basic electronics given enough time)

Source: Found “Free” on OfferUp


  • Unit does not power up
  • When plugged in, HDMI light flashes (indicating error state)
  • No other lights illuminate, standby/on button doesn’t function

Error Diagnosis:

(Per user manual): The HDMI indicator blinks and the power does not turn on.

  • The receiver may have a serious problem. Do not try switching the receiver on. Unplug the receiver from the wall and call a Pioneer authorized independent service company
  • That’s helpful…?


  • Able to temporarily clear error by simultaneously pressing “Advanced Surround” and “Standby/on” for 5 seconds
    • After doing so, unit clicked, initialized, something got hot & smoked for a second
    • Unit went back into safety power off
    • Back to HDMI flashing error state

What I’ve done:

  • Isolated component that was getting hot (smoking): Resistor R14FL
  • Uninstalled the MOSFET / heatsync daughter board (720-07995-000-0S) from the unit, this board contains the overheating resistor
  • Resistor tests same ohm resistance (.34) as adjacent resistor on neighbor MOSFET


Burning Resistor (circled in red)

Block Image

Photos of the MOSFET / heatsync daughter board (720-07995-000-0S)

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

Really appreciate any help that the forum can offer :-)



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What makes this a bit tricky is that the component labels on the board do not match the schematic. Can you post the numbers on the transistor to the left of the circled resistor in your picture? Also, what are the color bands on that resistor and the one next to it?

This portion of the board is for the front left channel of the amp. It looks like the outputs for that channel are shorted and causing the amp to go into “protect” mode. Can you test the transistors in that area for shorts? These should be numbered B1560 and D2390 (on the parts themselves). This is shorthand for the actual part numbers: 2SB1560 and 2SD2390.

With the transistor number requested, I can verify that I am at the correct point in the schematic.



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so I have the 531 as well and did the exact same thing so I van uninstall that peice and it will still work fine? please could really use the help I just bought this from craigslist and it has the same problem you just posted

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