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John Deere stx 30 wiring between fuel and fire

I have a John Deere stx30 with a Kohler command 9 on it. Its not starting. I have figured out if i pull the wire terminal off the top of the coil it will get spark out of the plug, but still no start. I next sprayed starting fluid down the air filter spot and it did start. After that I pluged the terminal back into the coil and sprayed some starting fluid and it wouldnt start. Im guessing i have a igniton problem , but not sure how the firing of coil, and power wire of the carb are related. There is a little box on the side of the motor that has 3 wires on it , but doesnt seem to be tied into these wires but not sure . Any thoughts on what I should try next?

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send it to a shop

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Okay so from what I read,you have spark, it fires up when you place fuel in the air filter but not under normal use. First check your fuel supply, clean gas, clean fuel filter, make sure your carburetor jets are clean. Also check your float bowl, make sure no debris in it and that your float and needle valve works. Make sure your gas cap on the tank is vented so as to not create a vacuum. Does your plug foul up, does the face get wet? that could mean that it is flooding the engine with to much fuel, make sure you have the proper plug with a proper gap between the electrodes. I would get new plugs with a tune up kit for the tractor. New plugs and new clean fuel and it still does not start, definitely check your timing. if it is off, the spark will not ignite the fuel and therefore your mower wont run. that is all I can think off right now. I do hope that this will get you started in the right direction. Sorry had to edit this, but I don't think I could add a picture to a comment. Anyhow, I attached a picture of the wiring diagram for your tractor. Let me know if you need the repair manual for it. Good Luck.

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+ check the fuel line and make sure it is not blocked

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do these things have a kill switch?

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I think some of those have a switch on the seat and brake. I thought about that, but if the kill switch would be the culprit, it would not have a spark.

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It only has spark after I unplug the terminal on the coil , Im thinking the wire off the coil is some how connected to the ignition switch, and maybe the same with the wire on the bottom of the fuel bowl on the carb. The wire on the bottom of the fuel bowl has no voltage and Im wondering if its suppose to. I really think its a wiring issue, it does have a safety switch in the seat.I think I'll look at that next. I have so far put in a new spark plug, regapped the coil to proper gap.

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Pretty sure the wire on the cylinoid on bottom of the fuel bowl is just to stop the gas from flowing back after the key is turned off. I have the same machine, just bought it - a 2012 she told me but can't find a serial or anything to confirm the year, but I bought it for $250, it wouldn't start, seems it was the same issues as yours, I came home today and googled the carb bown cylinoid, it told me to grind off that plug on the top of it and put it back on and try, part was not working anyway - supposed to be moving freely - mine was jammed up. I would have had to pick up a new one anyhow. I put it back together and turned it over and it started, runs rough but I cut my acreage lawn with no issues. Hope this helps! Let us know the culprit!

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