Second generation of iPhone. Model A1241 / 8 or 16 GB capacity / black or white plastic back. Repair is more straightforward than the first iPhone. requires screwdrivers, prying, and suction tools.

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I have a wifi connection but cant use it. any advise?

I can connect to wifi with all bars showing but in the area that has wifi it wont let me on the internet, but in the place that has no wifi it lets me on the internet and it has an E in place of the wifi display on the top. Why is it doing this? It doesnt make any sense.

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the wifi symbol looks like a fan on the right of the network sign, the 3, E or small dot is the type of network you are connected to for general phone use...the strength of phone signal is a series of bars to the left of your network sign. i may telling granny how to suck eggs but maybe you are confusing the symbols and it is the phone strength and internet you are connecting to and not wifi? check in settings/wifi and just check that wifi is on. and also that ask to join networks is on.

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no i am not a grandma lol. ok when i am at work i have wifi and it shows the fan symbol thing. when i go home, i dont have internet or wifi yet, and it shows a capital E in the place of where the fan thing was. when i am at work i cannot even get on the internet, and i have wifi i even looked at my settings and it shows i am connected but when i go home, i check my wifi settings it says not connected to a network, but yet that is the only place it lets me on the internet at.

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sounds like your internet access is coming from the telephone and not wifi.. hence the E symbol which is one of the types of network (e is for edge, there's also 3g/gsm) these are different to wifi connection.make sure that when you are at work and near a wifi hotspot you go to settings/wifi and check that you are logged in to the wifi network.just because the wifi fan shows doesn't necessarily mean you are logged in. it should ask if you want to connect...

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hi luck(ha!) would have it i now have no wifi... I updated to 4.2.1 and instantly lost wifi, not a happy bunny! had been on 3.1 for ages with absolutely no problem, never updated because of all the problems but then decided to bite the bullet and now look what happens. I suppose it's because of an iphone 4 technical thingy that i'll never understand in a million years, but our phone is a 3g and using different wifi chips etc hence the problem. To turn back to ios 3.1 you'll need to have saved your shsh blobs on tinyumbrella or you'll need to jailbreak and install a custom firmware. I hate software problems that need jailbreaks so if this is something you think might be your problem i'll leave it for someone more qualified to help you... good luck

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