I can't get a video signal or of any of my video ports.

My computer won't show a video signal. I have tried bother the computer motherboard input and the graphics card input. And I tried an HDMI cord because the graphics card has one. I know that everything is getting power and bone none of my capacitors are blown out. What do you suggest I do to fix it.

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Hi @laserman9r ,

Have you tried a different monitor or proved that the monitor is working OK, you didn't say?

Does the monitor's OSD menu work OK.

Just trying to eliminate the monitor as the problem and hopefully that it is not the motherboard.

If it is the monitor that is the problem, what is the make and model number of the monitor?

@laserman9r does the computer turn on?

Do the fans spin when you turn the system on?

I know that the monitor works because I used this same cord and input on a different device and it worked fine and yes the fans spin when I plug in the power.

Hi @laserman9r ,

Did you remove the graphics card from the motherboard when you tried the onboard video to see if it worked?

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