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Best iMac screen adhesive (on a roll)

I have a small computer repair shop, and install a lot of SSDs in iMacs. A year or so ago I searched for an alternative to iFixit adhesive strip kits, because they are quite expensive. I ended up buying this:


This went well, until today: a customer called me saying their iMac screen fell off. I had installed the screen just a month ago. It cracked falling out, and of course I’ll be paying for the replacement.

So now I’m looking for an alternative adhesive. Preferably a large roll of the exact adhesive Apple uses, but barring that, a not crazy priced roll of tape that will reliably hold the heavy (and expensive) iMac screens in place. People who open up several iMacs per day - what do you use?

Update (12/06/2018)

If somebody finds this via Google, I found the original Apple adhesive strips. They’re packaged in bundles of 20, and are even cheaper than the iFixit ones:

http://applecomponents.com - LCD Service refill kit with tool, iMac 21.5 4K 2017

The part numbers are:



They can also be found on eBay.

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Let’s all take a step back here and look at what we’re typing … screens held together with glue. Apple portrays to be this green company yet they can’t out some screws in the products so people can keep them going for longer… that’s not green it’s greed.

They’re not held together with glue, but with a thin replaceable adhesive film. Suggest doing homework.

Has anyone ever used a small thin bead of hot glue?

I'm not sure how typical hot glue really holds after long periods of heat from usage. I really wouldn't recommend this, also because opening the iMac after that I'm sure will be pretty difficult without breaking the screen.

Personally I wouldn't recommend it, I'd either use the adhesive strips designed specifically for iMacs, or another adhesive/strip with the same qualities. I'd be afraid the hot glue just wouldn't adhere properly. Don't want to risk the panel falling off. The first time I attempted this repair I had an adhesive failure even using official strips (you really have to be careful and make sure all surfaces are clean). So my second time around, I used adhesive cleaners and alcohol, then even when I'd adhered and put the panel on, I used painters tape all around the outside to keep it tightly held together for a time. I actually left the painters tape on there for over a year just out of paranoia cause the panels are harder to find.

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This is not the cheaper option, but you can buy this adhesive here that iFixit sells for iMacs. Probably the best and strongest option but not the cheapest. (not really what you asked for but just throwing this option out there)

iMac Intel 27" (2012-2019) Adhesive Strips

The less expensive, but more risky option is Tesa tape. You can buy reasonably sized rolls and you can choose the thickness of it too. But you may have a had time opening the system later!

Tesa 61395 Tape

iMac Intel 27" (2012-2019) Adhesive Strips 이미지


iMac Intel 27" (2012-2019) Adhesive Strips


Tesa 61395 Tape 이미지


Tesa 61395 Tape


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Thank you for the fast reply. The Tesa tape is interesting. Do you, or anybody else here, have experience using it on iMacs?

I have used it to seal up my iMac Pro after a RAM upgrade. It still holds strong to this day! It’s a great adhesive that works for phones too.

The iMac stripes are better!

I love Tesa tape as well but the construction of the tape makes taking apart the system later on much harder!

This gets into design of the core of the tape. The strips use a cell foam which the cutter can separate whereas the Tessa has a thin mylar core so there is no place for the cutter to split the tape to open the system.

@danj Agreed. The only reason why I “Tesa-Taped" my iMac Pro together is that I knew I wouldn't be opening that thing again. Otherwise I would have gotten the iMac adhesive strips.

It would be great to find a by-the-roll source material of these expensive pre-cut iMac foam strips. Any leads?

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I too have been worried about the screen falling off if the adhesive strips turn out to be low-quality. So I took the precaution of internally using a cable tie coupled with two adhesive-backed cable tie-downs (like what you would use to fix Ethernet to a skirting board) so that if the screen should become detached, it can only fall forward maybe two inches before being restrained by the cable tie (http://macs2u.co.uk/imac-screen-restrain...). Hope that idea is useful to folk, could save serious embarrassment and expenditure.

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The trick is to fully clean the old adhesive off I use Goof Off and afterwards I go over the surface again with reagent grade Isopropyl alcohol 85% or better as Rubbing alcohol and lower grades often have impurities which mess up the tapes adhesion.

@danj Have you ever had any failures using this method? And if not what was your adhesive kit source? I'm very nervous about replacing my display after an adhesive failure. Although I did a thorough cleaning before, I didn't use the method like you're suggesting, but I now have some Goo Gone and 99% Iso Alcohol--my new kit from iFixit, old was OWC. My failure took place after 7 months with fairly significant temperature changes from basement setting in winter to 2nd floor room in the dead heat of summer (so I'm not really sure why the failure occurred).

@zackeous - I have a few sources I use the proper tapes and I don't have any failures as I have a process.

Cleaning is the first part and depending on the time of year I use a heat gun to warm the case and the display as a cool/cold surface won't get you the proper adhesion and then there is burnishing tool to press the tapes into the case and then the J roller running it around the edge to make sure I've pressed the glass into the tapes once I've placed the screen on the case.

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Hi all - old thread I know, I was hoping someone notices the post :-)

There are some double sided alternatives I can buy, 3M and Tesa. Does anyone know the meat thickness of the “official” self adhesive strips used for iMacs? Would 1 mm thickness be OK?

The reason I am asking is, Tesa’s 0.25 mm thickness band did not give a great result after SSD upgrade. there is some play on the top section of where the display meets the iMac chassis.

Thanks to anyone for the answer about the meat thickness of the self-adhesive strips (you know the labeled ones cut to the shape of iMac screen).

PS. Further research indicates “VHB strips are a very thin layer of foam between two self adhesive plastic strips.” - That explains the play I am experiencing - I used a thin, transparent double-sided Tesa tape, almost like scotch band, which does not have the foam sandwiched in between. OK, search continues for VHB type but as thin as possible :-)

PSS. 3M 5952 is 1.1mm and 5925 is 0.64mm. Will probably go with 5925 if I can find it locally.

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Hi, after some research it seems like this tape is the best bet. Did you go with 5952 or 5925 in the end, and what was the result? If I had to guess I'd also say that 1.1mm is a bit too thick. Does it seem good? By any chance did you try to take the screen off after using the tape and how did that go? Because that is important too :)

This is a complicated subject because if the tape is no good the screen might only fall off after 6 months...

UPDATE: Stopped using this, as it took me like half an hour to remove it in a test. Which makes it not that useful for me... also in the end I wouldn't have saved that much money using this as really a set of these adhesives is like 1-2m anyway.

@ spacec0w, did you find any suitable alternative? I've replace 100-200 SSD's in iMac's and I'm now working on my second screen removal to fix an issue after one of these SSD upgrades and it has taken me about 8 hours to remove the screen bonding tape you see for sale on ebay, now I'm searching for a suitable adhesive that can be removed easily.

Would love to know if you found something that is better or if there is an apple approved bonding tape.

@mike_mr Hey sorry never saw your question.. no, I returned to buying the original tape that you can buy directly through Chinese importers that work from Shenzhen. Does match what come from Apple 100%, splits and comes off normally if you have to reopen the screen.

Please! Don't do this! Use the special tapes they are designed to be cut as they are a foam core so the special pizza cutter tool can beak the connection. The normal 3M and Tesa tapes are too permanent! Nine out of ten times you'll end up damaging the display trying to get it off to service the system again! As over time the adhesion is harder to break!

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Ive installed hundreds of imac display, first started with 3M tape, and now testing Tesa. Only 2 of my customers displays have fallen off (?). Which I dont understand, because the bond is pretty solid.

I have started doubling up on the tape to prevent this. two thin strips on the aluminum body and 1 strip on the glass.

Those who say it takes long to remove roll tape, I use a heat gun and very thin spudger/pry tool that slices the tape. Then using your index finger roll the old tape off

I also reheat the edges when the panel is back on and press firmly with a rag around the perimeter to guarantee a good bond.

I did notice some of my customers carry the imac in unatural ways (i.e. upside down, grabbing it by the stand and flailing along) or putting the glass face down in their cars. I always apply some electrical tape outside from glass to body, and ask them to remove it after a couple days

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I don't see the reason to do what you do. I buy what seems to be 100% original tape for $6 plus import duties and shipping, which cuts just as it should with the pizza cutter if you have to take it apart later and seems to hold perfectly. You also save the electrical tape thing which can't look that professional. I could give you the place I buy them from if you want.

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