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2016년 3월 Samsung에서 출시되었습니다. 모델 SM-G930V.

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Why is the signal not working in my phone?

The signal does not work in the phone and i have tried to change the charging flex board already. I noticed that several ppl have said that having a G930v charging flex board makes no difference that its compatible. i could agree with this as i have tried the same board on another phone and works. So that leads me to believe it might be the actual motherboard that is the issue. Does anyone else have any other ideas as what could be the issue? if so what is a fixable solution that does not require me to replace the motherboard entirely if there is one.

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Please be advised that i refuse to be held liable for any damage caused to either your device, or yourself by attempting any of the repairs mentioned below. some repairs are high risk and can cause more damage than they fix. i always suggest taking the device to a payed professional to operate on an electronic device if you care about its function.

Many things can lead to signal failure; below is an extensive list of the possible reasons this could be caused. before doing anything though, make sure to wipe the cache via your settings. Androids new OREO update has caused extensive service issues, which are cured by wiping the old data from the memory cache.

1) Software; to save on time and money, always start with software as your first possibility. its not usually the culprit, but when it is, you will smack yourself for not trying it prior to tinkering.

- 1a - Reset your Network settings; this will change your setting for all of your networks back to factory default. it will reset things like APNs, and Proxy settings that may be causing corruption in your network.

- 1b - Factory reset; This will wipe all of your data, in case of software corruption caused by End User Data.

- 1c - Odin Flash; Odin flashing the ROM will reformat your device, and load new core files for your OS, this will fix any corruptions in your device fully. You may skip 1b, if you plan to do this.

2) SIM Card. Always start with a new SIM Card from your carrier. This is overlooked by many people, and is sometimes the most simple of repair.

3) Scan for physical damage: If this occurred after a repair, their is always the chance of tech error. take the board under a microscope, and look diligently for scratches of the board, cracks and chips on components, or even missing components from severe trauma itself

4) Replace the Co-axial Cables. These cables are signal amplifiers for the cellular, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity. make sure they are connected properly to the board. start by cleaning the connectors, and if that doesn’t fix your issue, try replacing them.

5) Replace Sub PBA: The Sub PBA (Charging port board) houses many pickups for the network, and without those in good condition, the signal will fail drastically.

6) Cellular Networking IC; Located on the motherboard itself, this is the core processing unit of the Network. this is technically repairable, however, you will need extensive knowledge of the layout of Samsung boards, as well as an intimate knowledge of micro soldering. this is a high level repair.

7) Integrated Board Level Failure: If all of the above have not fixed your issue, you are likely looking at a failure within the board itself, and the board will need to be replaced.

- 7b - At this point, it is always worth sending the board through a sonic wash, and a high temperature drying. Also, you can try re-flowing the motherboard as well. These are high risk procedures in which case the board may come out not booting at all.

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THANK YOU!!! So much this is great this is exactly what i needed as i have tried some of these already. i will follow what you say in order and see if i can isolate the root of the problem. Sometimes you just need someone who is not so deep into it to look at the issue from another angle. If i figure it out i will let you know via this post. :)

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