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Why my iPhone se GPS dosnt work in offline mode?

Hi, my iPhone SE GPS dosnt work in offline mode and it needs for WiFi or network to work, as i use offline navigator(sygic navitel) i cant use it , i think its damaged, i wanna know what is the problem?

where is GPS antenna and see a picture of it.


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There’s a specific chip for GPS positioning in your phone that works indipendently regardless of the Wi-Fi cover. If it doesn’t show in black in top right corner when an App calls for it, then it might be malfunctioning. You might try backing up your phone data and try a factory restore, but if that doeesn’t solve the issue you’ll need someone with microsoldering skills and tools to look into the matter.

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iPhone has a dedicated GPS receiver and some navigation apps like the standard maps app and the garmin navigator need some kind of connection to fetch the map.

The GPS itself does not require an internet connection.

You need a Maps App that can download the maps before hand, so they can be used without an internet connection.

I believe the Tom Tom App can do that.

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Thanks for your answer. In the case of my phone, my GPS cant determine my location as an unknown location, such as a dot on a spreadsheet, Even in the status bar, a hollow arrow is displayed , its means that GPS is trying bout there is some thing wrong.

for test i used any kind of GPS(iPhone maps, google maps, waze, google earth and sygic) they have the same problem.

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You ever tried an update?

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