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A multi-function laptop released in 2010 by Toshiba. Can be used for leisure, business, or education.

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Toshiba Satellite L635-S3104 rare battery problem

Hi to all!!

I have a very strange problem with my laptop Toshiba Satellite L635-S3104, step to tell you:

1- About 4 years ago i have this laptop with Windows 7 and it was freezing randomly so i have to powered off pressing the button.

2-Then i decided to format (Windows 7) and this issue never happened again.

3- Weeks ago i formated again and put Windows 10 and the problem started again...

So i did the following things:

- Open the laptop, clean the fan and the processor, i change the thermical paste (i thought it was a temperature problem)

- Replace the RAM.

- Replace to a new HDD

- Update last BIOS version.

- Disable one processor (read in a forum)

- Change windows power plan.

Nothing change... the issue continues... i start the laptop and after 10, 15 minutos... freeze completely.

The i try the folllowing:

- I take out the battery and start the computer only with de AC charger.

Wooola! The computer stop to freeze and works 100% fine. So i bought a new battery thinking that was the problem.

BUT NO!!! With a new battery the problem appear again.

I dont know if its a logical or hardware problem, because before... a few years ago... the laptop after the format works fine, and then after putting windows 10 started again the same problem that was having the first years of use.

Is there a possible that exist a driver for the battery or something like that?

Its very rare....

Sorry for my english!!

Thanks to all


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Other then trying a fresh install of Windows, I think it's a motherboard problem. Try a fresh install of Windows to completely rule out a software problem, and if that doesn't work it's highly likely a board problem. Sorry about that!

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But i did a fresh install of Windows 10 a few days ago and the same problem appear. But cant be a W10 problem because i have the same issue with W7... so.. i really dont know :(

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It's not a software problem then. Probably board related. I dunno what else to do other then to suggest you get a used computer off eBay.

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is strange... because a few weeks ago when i have W7 this problem doesnt happen, it was fixed. I forget it. So i put W10 and started again... thinking is something i forgot to install :(

Thanks for answering Aaron!

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No problem. Maybe someone else here knows a possible fix..

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