Wii will not turn on


My Wii will not turn on.

I plug the A/C adapter in the power outlet and check with a multimeter : I get around 12V.

Now I plug the A/C adapter in the Wii and the light doesn’t turn red. If I unplug the power adapter and check the voltage, I get 0V. If I let the power adapter sit disconnected for 2 minutes to reset it and try again, it goes back to 12V, and back to 0V as soon as I plug the Wii.

Do you know what could cause this issue?

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Hi @alamaree

Most probably inside Wii there is some shorts.

as a precaution the power adapter will shut off to prevent further damage to both.

you will need to access to the mainboard section to inspect the components

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What do we do from there if the circuitry within the wii is a problem?

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