Keyboard Bug After Pressing Either CTRL, ALT or SHIFT key

I’m having this problem with my Asus Transformer T100TAM model.

Everytime i press either the CTRL, ALT or SHIFT key, the whole keyboard stops working. Oddly, the trackpad is still usable. A quick detachment of the tablet from the dock and putting it back again solves the problem, but if either one of the keys is pressed again, it goes back to not working.

I’ve checked all settings and turned off all sticky key options. I’ve removed and reinstalled the HID keyboard drivers, but still the same.

Anyone knows how to fix this? Do i need to update my windows to fix this bug or there’s another workaround for this?

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Hi ,

What OS is installed?

Try using a USB keyboard and check if the same thing happens.

How long has this been happening?

Was there an OS update just before the problem started? (check the update history for the date)

OS is Windows 10 Home Basic.

Haven't tried the USB keyboard on yet, but will do so within this week.

Just started to happen yesterday when I wanted to type some stuff on Microsoft Word, and it has been happening ever since.

No OS updates performed prior to problem happening.


Try using the laptop in safe mode

it may look a little different ;-)

If it works OK then it is a driver problem of some kind.

Also when in normal mode check what programs are loaded on Startup (look in Task Manager) just in case it is a program that is interfering.

Also nothing was spilled onto the keyboard was there?

Just some thoughts.

Alrighty, will try it out in Safe Mode to see if it works, hopefully it is =/

Thing is, I've uninstalled and reinstalled the driver, and yet it still happens.

I'll try to see if any of the programs are interfering with it as it's mostly normal apps that are installed, like Mozilla, FB messenger, Whatsapp and others.

Yeap, nothing spilled on the keyboard.


It doesn't have to be the keyboard driver that may be causing the problem. It may be the trackpad driver for example. I don't know. All I know is that in safe mode only basic Windows drivers are installed so if it works it most probably is a driver issue of some kind.

When you uninstalled the keyboard driver did you restart the laptop and let Windows "find new hardware" and reinstall the keyboard driver or did you install it?

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