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LCD bleeding purple to black

Hi again guys,

I have an iphone 5s that I have an issue with and I would like some opinions on…

The phone powers on etc and the owner reports that everything functions as it should… However, the screen has lines on the right hand side that cover about 0.5-1cm of the screen… the phone ocasionally displays the setup menu and/or turns purple and then fades to black from the outside in! I shall try reseating the connectors but is this just a replacement screen job or could there be board issues…?

also, the phone seems to power off once the screen has faded as you can see a spinning circle…

Block Image

Block Image

Block Image

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just an update, i have removed the screen (but not reinstalled it yet...) apple, who previously replaced the screen, did 2 of the screws up so tight that I couldn’t undo them!! Had to swivel the brackets out of the way! Just noticed some purple “ink” kinda stuff next to the top left screw of the screen cables bracket... is this a bad sign?

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The screen is obviously damaged so it needs to be replaced. Only then will you know if there is further damage to the logic board.

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Perfect thanks man

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