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Can I replace chips from an old iPhone 5s to another with icloud lock?

i’m a beginner at this of fixing phones, and i want to recovery data of my old iphone 5s. the problem its that this old iphone has the errror 9, and i dont have any of the instruments that this kind of work implies, so, about a week ago i adquirea loot of old iphones and one of them is an iphone 5s with icloud lock.

I have the idea that i can replace some of the chips that contain my data and icloud, but i don’t know them, so i need your help

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I’m sorry to say that if you don’t have the tools or experience to address Error 9, you certainly don’t have what it takes to transfer over the Baseband, EEPROM & NAND. This would be an advanced repair and require proper tools and lots’s of skill and experience.

Still, this is entirely feasible (as opposed to more recent phones which also require the CPU) and if you really value your data, perhaps you could have it done by someone with more experience. Otherwise, practice on dead boards until you can do it reliably.

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