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Why do red rings appear as the screen is opened?

The screen has red rings appear as it is opened. When partially open the screen is fine. As it is opened further red rings begin to appear around the outer edge and increase until the screen is completely red.

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I would check out the display data cable--see if the connections are loose or the cable damaged. I have included a link to help you determine which MBP you have. Select it and then select the data cable replacement guide to check out your cable.

MacBook Pro Repair

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+ I agree with you rj713. Seems to be the LVDS cable. I was also thinking of a dying backlight but when the backlight is faulty the screen becomes pink at startup then normal after awhile.

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+ It is not going to be a backlight issue on this one. It has a LED backlight. On LCDs with the CCFL backlight the screen will get an orange or pink hue many times when they are going out as lemerise stated. Since there is change in the picture as there is change in the hinge 98% chance it is the LVDS cable. I would still hook it up to an external monitor to be double sure before throwing money at it.

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Thank you for the advice! I have confirmed that the mac works fine with an external monitor. Two more questions:

Is there any way to replace the LVDS cable without disassembling the display assembly?

Where can I purchase a replacement LVDS cable?

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