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How should I replace the thermal paste of my MSI GE62VR 6RF Apache Pro

Basically the title, I could not find any good tutorials online of my exact mode of MSI laptop, I am quite paranoid of opening up the laptop but I really don’t want to break my CPU or GPU due to the heat (Usually 95c when playing games).

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Here’s how to get into it:

That a very impressive heat sink system. Never seen anything like that.

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If you are paranoid about opening up your laptop to replace the thermal paste it’s best you have someone else do it who knows what they are doing. I would recommend using a fan control app to max out the fan speed while playing games.

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Even with the cooler boost feature on MSI's dragon center temps still reach about 93c

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Sounds like a poorly designed laptop to me! As Aaron said, if you aren't comfortable with opening up your laptop and disassembling it I would seek a professional to do this.

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