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2015년 3월에 발표, 2015년 4월 10일에 출시된 Galaxy S6 Edge는 Samsung의 최신 주력 스마트폰 곡선형-스크린 버전입니다.

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Why my screen won't stay on? (i think LCD problem)

ok, so, basically today i was changing my s6 edge battery, im an amateur about those things and i messed up my LCD screen (i think). i shuld have broke it while i was trying to detach the old battery, i think that i put too much pressure on the screen behind, now after i mounted back the motherboard and alluminum part i tryed to turn on the phone only to find out that i crackd the LCD and 3 pink lines showed up on the screen but stopped midway (i think exactly where i put pressure) but the screen was still on whit a strange yellow-ish tint to it (did not have the night mode enabled) the phone boots up still with the 3 pink lines and the start screen shows up on the phone (now i must say that the phone before i changed the battery was on extreme power saving mode so basically everything that might turn black was turned black) i tryed to lower the upper menù (that was still white) and my screen shutted down (note not the phone only the screen) i tryed to start it up again but the power button did nothing but if i press it twice the screen would turn on again (i figured out that the frist press only shutted the screen down and the second started it again) i noticed that the phone woud work “properly” until i showed it something too bright or white i started the options menù and turned off the battery saving mode thinking that this would fix the problem but it got it worst now the screen turns on only for 1/1.5 seconds until it “shuts down” the screen what shuld be the problem? the motherboard or the LCD? or maybe something else? ([sorry for my bad english im actually italian so…])

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this sounds like you have a broken display. You definitely want to start by replacing that one. Your Samsung uses a SuperAMOLED display and those are way more sensitive the common LCD displays.

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thanks for the help mate tomorrow i will make someone more expert than me change my display hopefully those will be the last bucks that i will spend on my phone (other than a new back glass) ;P

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