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Samsung 850 EVO SSD (from my mbp) and using it as an external on PC

So my mid 2012 MBP was installed with the Samsung 850 EVO (my mbp died from my own dumb blunder) and it has all my designs files. I have it in an enclosure now (USB 3.0) and I am just trying to extract data/use it as an external hard drive on my PC. The PC recognizes it as a USB mass storage device, but I cant format it or do anything to it. Is there anyway I can access the data through my PC? Or do I need to have access to another MAC and go from there? Any help would be appreciated!!

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Sorry you’ll need to use another Mac system to retrieve your data unless you buy the needed support services under MS Windows (most only support HFS+). Even still you might face a few different issues:

The first is if you had upgraded to High Sierra your drive format was altered to APFS from the older HFS+ format. This newer format is really useful on PCIe/NVMe drives it has issues with older SATA based drives so once you get your system fixed you should reformat it to the older HFS+ format and stick with MacOS Sierra.

The second issue is if you’ve encrypted the drive you’ll need the recovery key to gain access it from the second Mac.

Depending on your application you used you might not be able to access your data or it might be missing elements even if you used the same app on the MS Windows system. As an example the fonts you used within MS Word might not be the same between the two versions.

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Thank you, you answered everything I was wondering. Much appreciated!!

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