Replacement Battery still showing wrong capacity?

I recently replaced the battery in a Galaxy S7 after seeing that the reported capacity had dropped to less than half of its design capacity (I think it was at around 1300 mAh. New: 3000 mAh). The battery life was as bad as one would expect.

However, I’m still having the same issues with the replacement battery. Various apps show a reported capacity of ~1200 mAh and the battery life is still as bad as before. Now, I could just have received a faulty part, but I doubt that. Is it possible that the Phone/Android hasn’t properly recognized the new battery and is still trying to only charge it to the old batteries capacity? I already tried fully discharging and then fully charging the phone while off, but that did not help unfortunately. Is there anything else I could do?

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Dear Max,

Can you attach some screenshot.

i think you you replaced part also damaged one. (duplicate battery )

you can try by using new battery.

let me know the battery usable duration.

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Fairly sure the battery health reported by the phone doesn't reset when you change the battery, it ends up staying the same regardless.

I tried this on a S7 edge and the reported health capacity did not change and the charging cycles stayed the same. I used the Phone Info Samsung app to read battery percentage and cycles.

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Hi @benjamen50 ,

Just for my info, would clearing the cache, factory reset etc,, reset or delete the stored battery health info?


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I had the phone factory reset before I replaced the battery so I don't think so. This was a few months ago so I don't have the phone here to try factory reset after replacing the battery.

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