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2016년 9월 출시. 모델 번호 SM-G610로 식별

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Samsung Galaxy j7 prime

I dropped my phone in water, and I thought that I was in the clear. After I put it in rice, and took a hair dryer to it. Then in the morning my phone was melted to the charger, with some needle nose pliers I was able to get the charger off. To my surprise it still charged. Then I started having to get it in the right position to charge, and then not at all. I thought I'd by a charging pad, but I can't find one for my phone without having to use the charging port. I can't afford to buy a new one for the next couple of months, so am I just going to have to live without a phone? Any suggestions?

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Yikes. Water damage is an issue. Contrary to popular belief, rice does NOT help.

You will need to completely disassemble the phone and clean it with isopropyl alcohol as detailed here: Electronics Water Damage

and for your own safety, you should replace the battery: as batteries and water don’t mix.

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