Phone starts, Vibrates 3 times, I see MI logo and then it reboots.

Hi, My phone is actually Xiaomi Redmi 3S Prime but I didn’t saw it on the list so, I selected note 3.

My phone dropped in water about 30 days ago. I couldn’t open it at the time so, I put it in a rice bag(which I later learned does nothing). After the phone was dropped in water, It was stuck in a bootloop and there just wasn’t a way to turn it off to prevent damage from water left in it.

I charged and restarted it 15 days later, Around 25 November. It started but touch was not working so I couldn’t enter my passcode. On 6 December, I bought a replacement screen from aliexpress and replaced the screen. In the process of doing so, I broke the Volume/power button cable and the socket in which that cable is plugged into. So, I ordered another volume/power button flex cable and replaced that as well. Since, The Socket was broken I inserted it in the socket just right and screwed in the shield.

Now, It doesn’t starts when I press the power button presumably because the battery isn’t charged at all?

When I plug in the charger, It gives 2 short vibrations, 1 long vibration and then starts and I see the MI logo but then It just reboots!

Sometimes, When I plugin the charger, The Red LED at the bottom just flashes at 0.5-1 second interval but no vibration and screen doesn’t starts either.

I left the phone to charging for a few hours and then tried starting it but that also didn’t work.

Then, I thought maybe something is wrong with the charger circuit at the bottom of phone, So, I got a donor phone(redmi 3s prime) from a friend, His phone was bent in half. I replaced the charger board of my phone with the one on his phone but that also didn’t work.

I also tried replacing my phone’s motherboard with his phone’s motherboard but then the phone doesn’t vibrates and there is no LED light.

I am completely lost at this point, Please let me know if there is something else I can do to get this to work.

I already bought another phone so it’s not super important to get this to work, But I am attempting to fix a phone for the first time and it would be nice to make it work.

Here is a picture of the socket I broke while replacing the screen.

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