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2014년 9월 9일에 발표된 이 기기는 Apple의 첫 번째 스마트 웨어러블 출시제품입니다. iFixit의 수리 설명서는 Apple 워치 (스틸) 및 Apple 워치 Sport (알루미늄)에 적용됩니다.

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Bloated battery, screen popping off. Watch series 0, service?

So I literally got this watch last night from my brother. Apparently the battery is like four years old and is now bloated and popping the screen off. Obviously, it’s not in warranty. I contacted Apple and they want $250 plus tax and shipping to replace everything in which I told them isn’t going to happen because if I had that kind of money I’d buy a brand new watch instead. I got the watch for free because I couldn’t afford one and because my brother upgraded to their 4 series. Oh the envy.

My question is how hard is it to replace the battery and possibly the adhesive (to get the screen to stick back on) for a Series 0 watch? I looked at the tutorial and I’m a bit apprehensive about doing it. I honestly don’t want to do the repair myself because I tend to shake a lot and can’t do this type of in depth tiny part technical work anymore. It’s like !&&* trying to get tiny screws tightened on my glasses with my shaky hands. It’s not fun. So does anyone have any recommendations for (reputable) companies that charge a lot less for battery replacement? I thought ifixit might offer such a service themselves (in addition to those who want to fix it themselves) but I can’t find anything like that on the website. If not I suppose I’ll have to go about and try to do it myself because it seems the inexpensive route.

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Here’s the guide on how to fix it:

Apple Watch Battery Replacement

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